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Update on Shane McMahon’s injuries

Hell In A Cell wasn’t an easy night a the office for Vince McMahon’s baby boy. He was in a very tough Hell In A Cell match and there was a lot of punishment throughout. There was more than enough brutality to go around in this match and some reports said Shane McMahon was really damaged due to the encounter in Detroit.

Bryan Alvarez noted on Wrestling Observer Live how Shane McMahon “dinged” himself early in the match and might have suffered a concussion although he wasn’t sure about how bad any injury really was because McMahon’s usually don’t address such things publically unless they have to. There were some people backstage who believed a concussion was possible and medical staff worked on Shane for “a long time.”

In all honesty, McMahon might have suffered a concussion or at least some sort of injury every time he’s stepped in the ring since his return. The only instance of him not being totally injured during a match might have been against AJ Styles at WrestleMania 33 which was more of a pure wrestling match.

WWE has released information concerning Shane-O where they say he was released from a medical facility and no injuries can be confirmed. No neck trauma can be confirmed, no concussions, nothing. But he is at home resting with his family which is always good. It’s not clear how much of the report is real and how much of it is embellished for storyline purposes but there is no doubt that he was hurting after the pay-per-view. Hopefully, Shane will be able to rest up and stay away from that kind of danger in the future. But knowing him, the 47-year-old McMahon is far from over.

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