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Update on Sheamus; possible spoiler for the Survivor Series main event

For those that have asked, Sheamus is fine and was not really injured. As noted last night, the plan at different times this year was to have Sheamus turn heel. They've held off on that for different reasons.

He was originally supposed to turn heel and face Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 30 but they had to reshuffle the deck when CM Punk left the company and the fans turned on Batista. I can't say this for sure but I would say there's a good chance that they finally decide to go ahead with the Sheamus heel turn this Sunday, possibly costing Team Cena the match.

WWE posted the following storyline update on Sheamus today:

VIRGINIA — can confirm that former U.S. Champion Sheamus was taken to a local medical facility in Virginia following his match with Big Show on Raw. The extent of The Celtic Warrior’s injury is undetermined, but it has been confirmed he will not be able to compete at Survivor Series this Sunday.

Please keep checking back with for updates as they become available.

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