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Update on Sin Cara, how WWE plans on handling his release request

As noted earlier, Sin Cara announced that he has asked for his release from WWE. The news was not shocking to some in the company who knew that he was unhappy there after signing a new deal earlier this year.

PWInsider is reporting that he was scheduled to be at Monday Night Raw next week in Boston but WWE has decided to send him home so he will not be there. At this point, his release request will not be approved. I reached out to someone in WWE who said the same thing to me.

If WWE plans on keeping him until his contract expires, then Sin Cara will remain with the company until the spring of 2022. He is currently on a 3-year deal with them.

As we’ve written about several times, WWE wants to avoid letting wrestlers leave before their contracts are up because they don’t want them going to AEW. They did let Dustin Runnels and Tye Dillinger go but I’m told that there would have to be a very unique circumstance for them to consider letting anyone else go early.

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