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Update on Steve Austin WWE in-ring return rumors



Last week, we posted a press release sent out by Podcast One on Steve Austin's comments from his podcast where he talks about how he could (in theory) wrestle one more match since he is feeling physically better.

That led some to speculate that he could be returning to the ring again at WWE Crown Jewel where wrestlers from the past can get millions just to work on that show since WWE is being paid so much by the Saudi Arabian government and the crown prince is a fan of wrestlers from the late 90s.

Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Austin is not scheduled to be at Crown Jewel at this point. At this point, with Shawn Michaels wrestling a match last year and Edge hinting at one more match, nothing would surprise me at this point. For what it's worth, Austin did take a Stone Cold Stunner and bumped for Becky Lynch on "Straight Up Steve Austin" and he was moving around fine.

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Meltzer noted that Goldberg is believed to have been paid $2 million for his match with The Undertaker so if Austin wanted to wrestle again, he could get at least that much money for one match.

Austin has considered and turned down several offers in the past but has said that he didn't want to take another bump and he doesn't want to come back looking like a shell of what he was when he retired.