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Update on Sting's future with WWE

Last night's match with Triple H seemed to be the farewell match for Sting. It may have been his last match. Sting told the Associated Press over the weekend that he was going into WrestleMania as if it was his last match. He did say that if a match with The Undertaker was offered to him for next year then he would consider it. Before Sting signed his deal with WWE he said that he would want to have a program with The Undertaker and if that was not possible then he'd like to have a program with Triple H. So, all things considered, things worked out pretty good for Sting.

Sting is one of the guys from the late 90s that saved his money and he has gotten into the real estate market so he is set for life and is able to go out on his own terms. If last night was his last match then it was a hell of a career and a great way to go out. I believe Sting and WWE will have a relationship going forward to market more Sting merchandise and perhaps another home video.

I think it would be great if they could work out Sting vs. The Undertaker for next year's show with that match being the last match for both of them. Sting vs. The Undertaker and The Rock vs. Triple H would fit the bill for big-time main events that could help fill up the stadium in Dallas/Arlington next year.

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