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Update on the backstage fight between Sin Cara and Simon Gotch

Dave Meltzer posted a quick update on the backstage fight between Simon Gotch and Sin Cara. For those that missed our earlier post, the fight took place at catering prior to Smackdown on 7/19.

The fight was said to be a quick one-sided destruction in favor of Sin Cara. There are still no details yet on what started the fight.

Sin Cara has a reputation for being a legitimate tough guy and this would not be the first time that he has been involved in a backstage fight. In 2014, Konnan told a story on his podcast about an altercation Sin Cara had with Sheamus near the trainer’s table. Konnan said that Sin Cara was lying on the bed and Sheamus walked by and made a remark to Sin Cara saying that he was more important than him. Sin Cara took offense to Sheamus telling him to get off the table because he needed to be attended to. “He said when he got called out, he said he thought Hunico was playing,” Konnan said. “He said that out loud, and I’m thinking to myself, then why did he throw the first punch?” Konnan said that Sheamus threw the first punch but had his legs swept by Sin Cara. Sin Cara then proceeded to hit him with punches.

Konnan said that Sheamus tried to “cover it up like it was nothing.” As of now, there is no indication from WWE that disciplinary action will be taken against Sin Cara and Simon Gotch.

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