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Update on the Jessica Havok racist tweets story, how she did in her WWE tryout

There’s an update on Jessica Havok in the latest Wrestling Observer newsletter. As noted over the weekend, she was at the Performance Center for a tryout with WWE. Around the time when the news got out, some fans dug up some old tweets from 2011 and 2012 where she said some racist things about black and asian people. There was at least one tweet where she used the N word. There were other tweets where she was telling people to get AIDS and die and kill themselves. There was also a racist tweet about Mark Henry. I noted over the weekend that she did a podcast a couple of years ago where she ripped the Divas that were on the roster at the time. As best as I could tell, there was no provocation from any of them and I doubt they knew who she was at the time she made the comments.

The company got the news about her tweets while she was in the ring for her tryout. She would later post an apology but would end up deleting it. She then did an interview for Dave Gilbert’s and blamed the tweets on an ex-boyfriend that was playing around on her phone. She also claimed that she didn’t remember half of the things said in the tweets. She also said that the tweets were sent out when she was barely known in the business and that it happened when she was young. Keep in mind that she’s 29 years old so the tweets would have happened when she was 25 or 26 years old so it’s hard to blame the tweets on being “young and naive or stupid.”

Jay and Mark Briscoe had a WWE deal on the table a couple of years ago but that fell through when they sent out homophobic tweets. WWE did show interest in them again this year. In Havok’s case, this may be it for her since she’s 29 years old and they don’t typically hire Divas that are already in their 30s. It was noted that someone in WWE told the Observer that wrestlers need to watch what they say on social media especially anything that can be seen as racial or homophobic because if that comes to light then it would be difficult for them to get hired. Havok was said to be doing well until those tweets surfaced. We’ll see if WWE decides to hire her.

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