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Update on the next possible WWE Network tournament



WWE has been thinking outside the box with the WWE Network. They've tried everything from prank shows to animated adult programming. Now they're finally putting on unique pro wrestling experiences and that has seemed to be a winning endeavor.

The Cruiserweight Classic was an outstanding display of athletic ability that showcased some of the best cruiserweights around the world. It also gave WWE a chance to fill a 205 Live roster full of cruiserweights to wrestle in their purple ring. If only WWE could have convinced guys like Kota Ibushi and Zack Sabre Jr to stick around on a full-time basis things on 205 Live might be much different.

The Mae Young Classic is set to do very much of the same. It will showcase amazing women sports entertainers from around the globe. There are a couple ladies who might not be ready for this kind of stage as Dave Meltzer recently noted on an episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that a lot of the talent might not impress due to their lack of experience. But that might be why WWE Network is putting the episodes up on blocks so people can binge them (or fast forward through them).

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But WWE Network seems to have hit their stride in creating tournaments. There have been rumors of an Asian and Latin America tournament as well so there are plenty of ways to explore this kind of specialty tournament. Theoretically, WWE Network could just start all over again with another Cruiserweight Classic after they've run out of unique ideas.

Bryan Alvarez said on a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Live that WWE is probably planning a tag team tournament next. This tournament will be a great chance for indie teams all over the planet to make a venture to the Full Sail Arena and show WWE what they're made of. It's an exciting prospect, to say the least.

But, if WWE could get The Young Bucks involved it would be even better. So the next time you're chatting with Nick or Matt Jackson ask them if they'd be interested in participating in something called the "Legion Of Doom Classic."

By the way, that name is pure speculation. They could name their tag team tournament the "Headbanger Classic" for all we know or they could just keep the name of their previous tag team tournament the "Dusty Rhodes Classic." It's also a total guess WWE Network would name an Asian tournament the "Fuji Classic" or a Latin American tournament the "Eddie Guerrero Classic" -- if any of these actually happen we're just good guessers.

The point is if this tag team tournament happens on WWE Network consisting of the top teams on the planet who sign per-appearance deals it would be a shame if The Young Bucks weren't included. Maybe Jim Cornette could manage them, that would be super fun!