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Update on the reports that Rey Mysterio is done with WWE

Dave Meltzer discussed the report from earlier about Rey Mysterio being done with WWE. Meltzer noted that Hugo Savinovich (who works for AAA as a liason to Puerto Rico and U.S. business) actually said that Mysterio is done in WWE and will be back in AAA when his deal with WWE expires. Meltzer noted that this is a very touchy subject for obvious reasons and said that he is still under a WWE contract until April and WWE still wants him to come back. Rey does not want to go back. Meltzer noted that if Mysterio doesn't go back then they can extend his contract again.

WWE does not want him walking into Lucha Underground or AAA. They also weren't happy that he was at the Lucha Underground tapings recently. Rey is allowed to visit with friends and go to shows as long as he doesn't appear on camera. The situation is strange becuase AAA played a video of him at TripleMania and AAA also used Del Rio before he had gotten his WWE release (which he hasn't gotten yet). Meltzer noted that it's really telling that Mysterio did not appear, even for a guest appearance, for the shows in Mexico this past weekend especially since Flair was pulled off those shows.

So the report from earlier is correct, in the sense that Rey Mysterio considers himself done with WWE and is not wrestling for them again, but he's still locked under contract with them and would have to wait until it expires or legal action is taken so he can get out of his contract.

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