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Update on The Revival, when their WWE contracts will expire



The Revival are working this weekend's live events and it looks like WWE is not going to grant their releases. Dave Meltzer talked about their situation on Sunday's Wrestling Observer Radio.

He said, "It's not a secret. Everyone in the world doesn't take a genius to know that they would probably love to go to AEW and work with The Young Bucks because they know they're gonna get their 20-minute matches."

WWE has begun pushing wrestlers that are unhappy because they don't want the word out that wrestlers are unhappy and they don't want to lose anyone to AEW.

The Revival will likely have to continue working until their contracts expire. Meltzer confirmed that their deals are not up until April 2020.

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For whatever it's worth. Scott Dawson sort of acknowledge the reports on Twitter. He wrote, "Don’t matter where we go, we’re stealing the show. #FTR"

He used the #FTR hashtag, which was first started by The Young Bucks as "F*ck The Revival" and later trademarked by Wilder and Dawson as "Forever The Revival," which is interesting.

Sasha Banks responded with a Tweet that got some people talking:

More on The Revival in the video below: