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Update on the rumors regarding Kurt Angle getting a full-time WWE offer

Dave Meltzer discussed the Kurt Angle rumors on this morning's Wrestling Observer radio show. Reports from PWInsider over the weekend said that Angle was offered a full-time deal with WWE. Angle has said publicly that he cannot wrestle a full-time schedule because of the wear and tear on his body and the injuries he's had over the years.

Meltzer said that originally WWE didn't want him and Vince McMahon was pretty strong about not wanting him. He said that he's asked around and nobody knows anything but he knows that Vince McMahon and Triple H were negative on him. He said that the story about him being offered a full-time deal makes absolutely no sense. If they did say that to him then that may just be a nice way of them saying that they don't want him because no one is dumb enough to think that Kurt Angle can wrestle full-time. Angle is turning 46 years old and has tremendous damage on his body and Kurt has nothing but big injuries in the past 18 years.

Metlzer did say that he hopes that Kurt can still be around in some capacity in the business perhaps as an agent or in another role but not doing anything physical, for his sake. I agree with him on that. Perhaps one or two matches next year in WWE and maybe a farewell match might be the best for him.

Also, as noted before, the reason Vince McMahon has been negative on Kurt Angle is because he was always fearful of having an Olympic Gold Medalist dying on his watch. If something like that happened then the company would get intense negative publicity.

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