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Update on The Undertaker, potential appearance at WrestleMania 35?

There is speculation online from fans that The Undertaker will be at WrestleMania 35. It’s no secret that Taker has been training hard in recent weeks and he has dropped weight to alleviate some of the stress on his hip and bad knees.

The fan speculation is centered around Elias’ musical segment because WWE is teasing that someone will interrupt him and it’s WrestleMania so it would have to be a big name.

For what it’s worth, if The Undertaker is going to appear on the show then it is being kept a secret from everyone. This was noted in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Taker will be part of WWE’s show in Saudi Arabia that was originally scheduled for May but moved to June so it would make sense to shoot an angle at WrestleMania to set up his match.

Here is a photo of The Undertaker from a few days ago where he noted that he lost 25 pounds. He noted that he’s made some serious lifestyle changes in an attempt to offset the physical abuse his body has endured over the years.

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