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Update on the women's WWE Royal Rumble rumors



This week's WWE TV featured several women being moved up to the main roster. Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose are now part of the returning Paige's faction on Raw and Ruby Riot, Liv Morgan, and Sarah Logan are now part of the Smackdown Live roster.

On Thursday's Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez asked if this meant that WWE was planning on a women's Royal Rumble. Meltzer said, "at this point, the answer is no but that could change. They have enough people. There's no reason not to [and] they absolutely should do it but right now, no [there are no plans to do it]."

The rumors about a women's Royal Rumble date back to September because there was serious consideration being given to the idea of a 15-women Rumble match. The feeling at the time was that they had a deep enough pool of talent to draw from. Now there's even more women on the roster and they could do a 30-woman Rumble if they include names from NXT.

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Now is probably the right time to do it. Women have competed inside Hell in a Cell, Ironman matches, the main event of several episodes of Raw and other stipulation matches that were only designated for the men. Now, they have a strong roster of women that are credible athletes and a women's Rumble match would be a great idea to make the women's title matches at WrestleMania seem like a bigger deal. I say that because I would presume that the winner of the women's Rumble match would get a shot at one of the Raw or Smackdown women's title.

On a somewhat related note, the recent main roster additions have led to speculation and concern from some talent about more releases. Click here to read more on that.

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