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Update on the Women's Tag Team Title rumors



Ronda Rousey is the biggest mainstream star on the WWE roster and it makes sense for them to put more emphasis on women's wrestling. They've done that during the last couple of years but this year is different and there are plans for more women's matches in the main event. WWE has also signed more top female wrestlers, most notably Io Shirai for the United States and Toni Storm for the UK brand.

A few months ago, a rumor popped up on Reddit and the claim was that designs were made for Women's Tag Team Titles. The story gained traction because it was posted by Belt Fan Dan and he does have a good track record with news related to belt designs.

However, PWInsider's Mike Johnson shot down the rumor this week. For what he has heard from sources, there has been no talk of a Women's Tag Team least not yet. Let's keep in mind that Johnson reported months ago that there were plans for Cruiserweight Tag Team Titles and that has yet to happen so it could just be a simple case of "plans changed" or whatever plans they have are on hold for a later date.

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For whatever it's worth, The IIconics have been selling a lot of merchandise and we hear that there are bigger plans for them in the near future. If WWE eventually decides on Women's Tag Team Titles then it would make sense for The IIconics to be in the mix.