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Update on Vince McMahon's rule about Total Divas and the Divas title

Last week it was reported that Brie Bella publicly brought up, in an interview on Chris Jericho's podcast, the rule about Vince McMahon not wanting the women on Total Divas to have the Divas title. That is the rule behind the scenes. The latest Wrestling Observer offered a correction. It was actually Cameron (Arianne Andrews) that said it in an interview and not Brie Bella.

Most in the company believe that the reason for the rule is that they don't want the title to be confused because there's a several month delay from when Total Divas is taped and when it airs and if they put the title on someone from the show then that show won't air for a few months and that would mean that they couldn't take the belt off that person at least until the show airs especially if there's an injury situation.

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