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Update on when Ronda Rousey will be returning to WWE Raw



Ronda Rousey has been "suspended" under 2 weeks and it looks like she will be back on WWE television sooner rather than later. PWInsider is reporting that Rousey is scheduled back on the Raw in Buffalo, NY after Extreme Rules, just a couple of days before her 30-day suspension is supposed to expire.

Keep in mind that Dave Meltzer reported last week that Rousey is booked for the Extreme Rules pay-per-view so either plans changed or she is still booked for both Raw and Extreme Rules. She is not scheduled to wrestle at the pay-per-view so if she returns on that show then it would likely be a run-in during the Raw Women's Championship match between Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax.

Rousey is listed on a handful of events for the remainder of 2018 including the following

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- July 8 (Bridgeport, CT)
- July 30 (Raw in Miami)
- August 3 (Augusta, GA)
- August 6 (Raw in Jacksonville, FL)
- August 13 (Raw in Greensboro)
- August 20 (Raw in Brooklyn)
- August 27 (Raw in Toronto)
- October 8 (Super Show-Down in Australia)
- November 9 (Bologna, Italy)
- November 10 (Rome, Italy)

She is also scheduled for SummerSlam on August 19 in Brooklyn, NY.