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Update on WWE Network tier plans

We’ve been reporting for months about big changes coming to the WWE Network. 

In fact, WWE has been teasing the tier pay plan for its streaming service over the last few conference calls that are held each quarter of the year. 

It appears that the company is getting closer to officially announcing those changes as reported on Thursday that the first tier of the updated WWE Network is slated to launch within the next week.

This tier is expected to be free for all users. It was added that WWE will move forward with its release as soon as possible as they are currently finishing up beta testing first reported about the tiered pricing plans in 2016. 

The way that the tier structure would work would see a free plan that would include commercials and a limited amount of content while the highest structure that has been discussed for over a year would include content from other promotions.

Back in January, WWE rolled out updates across different devices with a new interface meant to make it easier for fans to find specific shows and specific moments from their archives.

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