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Update on WWE NXT's future at Full Sail University

WWE NXT Full Sail University

A big update on the status of WWE airing episodes of NXT at Full Sail Live in Winter Park, Florida has surfaced. reported that WWE will remain at the venue to air weekly NXT television for the next few months at the least as WWE is still under contract with Full Sail to air the shows from the arena. 

The contract runs through the end of March 2020. Thus, if WWE does indeed plan to take the show on the road, it won’t happen immediately but rather after March. 

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It’s been reported by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE has considered holding weekly NXT TV events outside of Full Sail University starting next year in bigger venues but WWE has events at Full Sail University listed through the month of January.

The reason for the change of venues is due to the head-to-head competition with AEW Dynamite every week as AEW runs bigger venues, which is one reasons why WWE officials feel they’re getting beat in TV ratings.