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Update on WWE SummerSlam plans for Brock Lesnar



Brock Lesnar is WWE Universal Champion and if you forget that fact at least they show him in the opening video package of Raw each week. But it's been a long time since we last saw Lesnar on Raw. It's also been way longer since we saw Lesnar wrestle a match on Raw as well seeing how his last actual contest on WWE's flagship show was sixteen years ago against Tommy Dreamer.

Lesnar defeated Roman Reigns in surprising fashion at WrestleMania 34 and to a lesser extent at the Greatest Royal Rumble. After all, Reigns was christened as the next "guy" in WWE and has held that title for nearly half a decade at this point. Now it looks like The Big Dog could be gearing up for another match against Lesnar soon enough if they can just get Brock to show up to work.

Brock Lesnar has enjoyed an amazing deal over the past few years. He is an ultimate part-timer and held the WWE Universal Championship for a recording breaking length of time while making seven figures in the process. Most people assumed Brock Lesnar would be leaving after WrestleMania but he defeated Reigns and signed a short-term deal with vague specifics. Now we don't know when to expect Brock Lesnar again.

Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that as of last week Vince McMahon hadn't locked Lesnar down for a SummerSlam match even though the projection is that he will be competing against Roman Reigns at the Biggest Party Of The Summer. In a very interesting addition to this, WWE hasn't been able to secure Brock Lesnar's services for any upcoming dates on Raw, SummerSlam, or otherwise.

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This could land WWE in a sticky situation because he is their champion on Raw. But since Brock Lesnar has held the title for so long it eclipsed CM Punk's already amazing record he'll probably do right by the title and come back to defend it once again. After all, Brock Lesnar still loves to entertain and the hesitation might be on McMahon's part to finalize his decision.

For whatever reason, the green light hasn't been given to Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns at SummerSlam just yet. But the fact is Lesnar's name could continue to only grow in value as time goes on especially if he re-enters the USADA testing pool.

MMA could be calling Lesnar back to the UFC for another couple large paydays. If he expects to serve out the remaining six months in his suspension which is currently frozen The Beast Incarnate will have to re-enter the USASA testing pool in the next couple of weeks to be eligible for a huge New Year's paycheck.

For all we know, this is a tremendous work on a scale we can't picture at this point with Dana White and Vince McMahon intending on having Lesnar waltz into the UFC holding the Universal Championship. But it's also extremely unlikely Vince McMahon would put his champion in a position where he could lose a huge fight or even worse fail some kind of drug test in the process.

Only time will tell though but it certainly doesn't look like WWE is changing their direction to crown Roman Reigns as their new supreme babyface when all is said and done. This is just another "wait and see" situation in pro wrestling and those are always so much fun.