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Update on Zelina Vega's WWE non-compete, when she can work for AEW or Impact Wrestling



As noted earlier, Zelina Vega was released by WWE after she spoke up about her support for unionization.

WWE announced Vega's release just minutes after she tweeted, "I support unionization" and Dave Meltzer later confirmed that her release was indeed because of her support of wrestlers unionizing.

PWInsider has confirmed that Vega has a 90-day non-compete so if she was planning on working for another wrestling company like All Elite Wrestling or Impact Wrestling, then she won't be able to do so until February 2021. It would be a no-brainer for another company to hire her but nothing is guaranteed since she likely is doing well on Twitch and would not need money from the wrestling business. As more wrestlers begin to realize that, perhaps it will lead to others speaking out publicly.

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After news broke about her release, Vega later wrote on Instagram: "See you on Twitch." Vega's Twitch account is at and her OnlyFans account is at

This appears to be a message sent to the rest of the roster. There are others in the company who are unhappy about WWE's edict on sites like Cameo and Twitch. The edict says that wrestlers must hand over their accounts so that WWE could handle the revenue coming in with the talent getting paid a portion of that revenue.

Andrew Yang has been speaking privately with wrestlers and he has said many times that when President-Elect Joe Biden takes office in January, he plans on using his voice to get some legislation passed that will address the wrestlers who are classified as independent contractors.

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