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UPDATE: Rumor killer on Big Cass injury



UPDATE: We got word that Cass was likely just selling the beatdown from Daniel Bryan. Cass has been limping at all of the recent live events so it looks like he is just keeping up with the storyline and he is fine.

ORIGINAL: Big Cass can't catch a break. He is in the doghouse with WWE management for going off script on Smackdown a few weeks ago and now it looks like he is injured again.

As you can see in the video below, Cass looked visibly upset and appeared to be in a great deal of pain as he limped around during the final minutes of his match. At one point during the match, he slams his hands on the ring apron out of frustration. Cass teamed with The Miz and faced Daniel Bryan and Tye Dillinger. After the match, Cass can be seen limping to the backstage area.

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Cass returned to action last month after an eight-month recovery from a torn ACL. Hopefully, this injury is not too serious. If it's another torn ACL then that would keep him out of action until early 2019. We'll pass along updates when we hear more.