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Update: Sin Cara reportedly kicked off WWE bus after fight with Chris Jericho

Dave Meltzer has an update on the altercation/fight that took place on the WWE bus during the European tour. The altercation happened as they were travelling from Leeds, England to Glasgow for Raw.

The way it was described was that Sin Cara (Jorge Arias) was making loud noises and people were telling him to stop. He continued until Jericho forcefully yelled at him to stop. That’s when Arias told him to “f**k off” and then words were exchanged. Arias allegedly threw a wild right at Jericho before people jumped in to break it up. Jericho bit Arias’ finger during the pull apart. One person described it as Arias snapping in two seconds without warning or reason. That sounds like a sucker punch without warning. Either way, reports going around about Jericho being knocked out are false.

Meltzer added that Arias was kicked off the bus.

You can read Dave Meltzer’s post by clicking here.


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