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Updated list of Vince McMahon’s banned words not allowed in WWE

In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer gave an update on some of WWE’s banned words. Long-time fans know that there are certain words that wrestlers and announcers are prohibited from saying on WWE television.

Meltzer said that the latest list is the list that was given out in 2020 and it was given out to people in Tampa who were helping to promote WrestleMania.

As of now, the list of banned words include:

– blood
– choke
– belt
– strap
– diva (notable since that was the word they used to call the women wrestlers)
– head shot
– trauma
– kayfabe
– Mofos
– house show
– DQ
– The Anti-Diva
– spinal injuries
– victim
– violence
– violent
– wrestling
– wrestlers
– wifebeater
– curb stomp (the move is only referred to as “the stomp”)
– phases that include the word “push” and “over”
– babyface
– heel
– job
– jobber
– card
– strangle
– kill
– murder

There are other words that weren’t listed in the Observer. Some other words that are likely banned include “concussion” “and head” since they like to use the word “skull” a lot when someone gets hit in the head. The company also refrains from announcing when a wrestler has suffered a concussion. Announcers and wrestlers are also told to say “WWE Universe” instead of “fans.”

Also, whenever there is a storyline injury, WWE often uses “medical facility” instead of “hospital” and many of their storyline injury reports use the word “contusion.

All of this comes from Vince McMahon.

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