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WWE is planning a big show for tonight’s episode of Raw as it’s expected to have more viewers tuning in than normal due to it coming off Saturday’s SummerSlam event. It's also the first show that Triple H will be in complete control of, as last week's events were written by Vince McMahon before he resigned from the company.

WrestleVotes reports that the episode looks good and is said to be a packed show. The USA Network has also offered to let the first hour be commercial-free if WWE wants.

WWE has still not announced any matches or segments for the show. As previously reported, tonight's episode is sounding like it will be a "statement" show.

Leading up to SummerSlam, it was reported that Triple H, now in charge of creative, had a surprise planned. That turned out to be the return of Bayley, IYO Sky (Io Shirai), and Dakota Kai, who formed a new faction.

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There are also two big names slated to return to the company shortly, possibly as soon as tonight.