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USA Network not happy about Paul Heyman’s removal from WWE Raw creative

You can expect to see changes on Monday Night Raw over the next several weeks as some of the stars that Paul Heyman was pushing might not get such a big push with Bruce Prichard expected to book more in line with what Vince McMahon wants.

Some fans may not be happy with the changes and word is getting out that USA Network is not happy about Heyman being taken out of his position as the head of creative.

Dave Meltzer discussed this on Wrestling Observer Radio with Garrett Gonzalez:

“I know USA [Network] was unhappy with the change, very unhappy by the way. I don’t think that they were happy with the ratings [but] they understood the ratings. They were told a long time ago that this was a rebuilding period and it was gonna take time and they understood that. The ratings were a lot higher and then the pandemic came and that’s what really knocked it down the last three months. The same with SmackDown. I cannot imagine Fox being thrilled the ratings either, considering what they were expecting.”

This coming Monday’s episode of Raw has already been taped so don’t expect any changes this week. However, it’s possible that whatever plans Heyman had for Backlash could be changed. Heyman was more about pushing the younger wrestlers while Prichard on SmackDown leaned more into the established stars.

As previously noted, ratings for Raw have dropped since the pandemic and some of that has to do with pushing younger stars but the idea was that ratings would go up once fans got accustomed to the younger talent being pushed up the card.

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