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Vader addresses retirement speculation



On Sunday afternoon, Vader sent out a tweet that seemingly indicated that he was retiring from pro wrestling.

However, just hours later, he quoted his own Tweet and shot down the retirement speculation. He wrote, "As usual some one got it wrong I have not wrestled my last match Lord wilinng not for yrs yet Love it when u got them guessing"

So it looks like he plans to continue wrestling. There has been concern over Vader continuing to wrestle despite his health issues. Back in April, he teamed with Keiji Muto (The Great Muta) and AKIRA to take on Fujinami, Shiro Koshinaka, and Riki Choshu as part of the Dradition show to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the debut of Tatsumi Fujinami. He passed out after the match and although there were conflicting reports on what happened, Vader claimed that he passed out because he was dropped on his head earlier in the match. People that were there said that he appeared to have passed out from dehydration.

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Vader's heart issues have been well-documented in interviews and on his Twitter account and he has expressed the desire to be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame before he passes on. He certainly would be deserving of the honor. Vader was, arguably, the top heel in WCW in the early 1990's and will go down as one of the agilest and menacing big men in the history of the wrestling business.

He was in line for a title run in WWE but backstage politics and issues with his weight derailed his run with them. That doesn't take away all of the great matches he put on while in WCW and New Japan Pro Wrestling so hopefully, he will get the nod for next year's HOF class.

He is scheduled to appear for Harley Race's World League Wrestling as a special guest at the show scheduled for June 17 in Troy, MO. For more information, click here. I should note that he is not advertised to wrestle on that show.