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Velvet Sky: “I would totally embrace any opportunity with WWE”

Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barraso has an interview up with Jamie Szantyr, also known as former TNA Knockout Velvet Sky. Sky’s last TNA match aired a couple of weeks ago and she is now a free agent. Could a WWE run be in her future?

I hope WWE gives her an opportunity. She was one of TNA’s highest merchandise sellers and she was regularly featured in some of the highest rated segments on Impact. I think the fact that she was one of TNA’s most popular talents over the last several decade should get her an opportunity with WWE. Plus, she has Bubba Ray Dudley in her corner to teach her how to work the WWE style. I think she would surprise a lot of people in NXT if given the proper chance.

Regarding a WWE run, she said:

“I am so proud of the guys like Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Eric Young, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode,” said Szantyr. “I traveled all over the globe with them in TNA, so to see them excel on the level they’re at now, I’m so happy for them. You’re never fully satisfied or fulfilled in wrestling until you get to the big leagues.”

“Nobody gets in this business just to bump. I’ve never stopped learning, so I’m glad I have not worked there yet. All I ever wanted in the business was a chance, an opportunity. If I get that with WWE, I’ll give so much.”

She also added, “That is why I sacrificed right from the beginning. That is why I left college, and the reason why I wrestled every weekend. The indie scene is not glitz and glamour, but a chance with the WWE is the reason I did this from the very beginning. I would totally embrace any opportunity with the WWE.”

She credits Vince Russo for The Beautiful People idea:

“The Beautiful People was Vince’s creation, and he had faith in me to bring this character he envisioned to life,” said Szantyr. “I’ll always be thankful for that. Vince is brutally honest, and some people love him for that and some people hate him for that. There are a lot of fakes and phonies in this business, but Vince is brutally honest, and I’ve always appreciated that. I can’t thank him enough.”

She also talks about leaving TNA, what she will do next in life and her career, dating Bubba Ray Dudley, being inspired by Lita to jumpstart her wrestling career and much more. Click here to read the full interview.


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