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Velveteen Dream described as most unprofessional person to work with in wrestling

The Velveteen Dream (Patrick Clark) was not popular among some people in WWE but apparently, he had issues with people outside of the company as well.

Rob Schamberger, an artist who paints wrestlers for WWE and has his work featured on WWE Shop and WWE’s auction site, says he did not have a good experience when he met The Velveteen Dream.

Schamberger called Dream the most “unprofessional person” he has dealt with in the wrestling business.

Schamberger tweeted, “Without saying anything further: He was the single most unprofessional person I’ve encountered in this business. I hope this is the wake up call he needs to start doing the emotional work to become a better person. All told.”

Dream was released on Wednesday. He has not commented on his exit from the company and it’s not expected that we’ll hear anything since his Twitter account was deleted a while back. While some of the recent releases should get work elsewhere, it’s unlikely that major companies like AEW and Impact Wrestling will reach out to Dream, unless he is able to clear his name from the allegations of inappropriate messages to underaged children.

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