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Velveteen Dream's accuser speaks out, says he was never contacted by WWE for their investigation



Josh Fuller, one Velveteen Dream's accusers, spoke out on Twitter on Thursday. The tweets were posted after Dream made his return to WWE NXT on Wednesday night. WWE has not commented on their investigation into the claims made against Dream. They also have not commented on what promoted them to bring him back.

Fuller posted the following on Thursday (edited for NSFW language):

"It’s a really sh*tty feeling that I feel like I can’t say the things I want to about everything because of fear over my wrestling career. That shouldn’t be okay"

"In retrospect I’m glad I didn’t share things anonymously because it wouldn’t have had the same impact but the paranoia that comes with everything really f**kin sucks"

"I’m doing okay though, I’m just really really mad that this sh*t’s just being tolerated and trying to be swept under the rug like it never happened"

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"The only things really pissing me off from social media are the people claiming that it was clearly investigated when there’s no proof or statement that ever was the case. Myself or anyone else involved weren’t contacted by anybody to my knowledge"

"And also the people trying to make this like an AEW vs NXT thing look real dumb lmao miss me with that sh*t. Bad stuff is still bad, stop comparing situations to each other"

"My morals come before wrestling and they always will. This is way bigger than me."

"ALSO anyone claiming I’m coming forward about things for clout, I don’t understand the logic behind that whatsoever. I have literally no personal gain and everything to lose by speaking up about things."

"I’m not sure if I’ll keep rambling about it but I just want to say above anything, I never chose to speak out because of myself. It was completely over the kids he sexually harassed and the fact that the internet tried to turn them into the bad people. Be sorry for them, not me."

Below are the allegations made by Fuller in June.