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VICE Sports: WWE is Whitewashing The Ultimate Warrior’s Bigoted Past

Vice SPORTS has a story up on WWE’s decision to use the Ultimate Warrior’s likeness in this year’s Susan G. Komen campaign and other philanthopic efforts such as the Warrior Award at the Hall of Fame ceremony. The company is being criticized because of Warrior’s past statements on the victims of Hurricane Katrina, his anti-gay speeches, Heath Ledger’s death, and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan’s cancer diagnosis.

Many of the posts have been deleted but have been preserved by

On “Queer Studies” at a Conservative Allicance event in DePaul University:

“One guy without his husband and two physically-repulsive butch-dykes slurping on one another’s tongues (really) on the front row had a real hard time cozying up to my principled heterosexual obstinacy. So, in an act of pure selfish pleasure the guy got himself physically thrown out by the masculine security guard, unmistakably loving every single masochistic, man-handled moment of it. And the dykes, well, they ran out screaming and yelling like speared wild boars that I was a homophobe for making my remarks. Rumor has it that they decided to exit more because I was not getting stimulated by watching their poorly performed two-nightcrawlers-in-heat act. Ah, the incredible, selfless sacrifices the liberal loons will make on behalf of their cause…warms my heart and makes my whole body laugh.”

On Bobby “The Brain” Heenan:

“As for you, Booby Heenan, it’s just too difficult to keep a straight face talking about the pure two-faced bag of sh– you are (and have always been), what, with you also actually wearing one as a piece of body jewelry. You are dying, dis-eased on the inside, and no more time is left to get back any of the integrity that matters the most on death’s bed. Imagine what it will be like, lying there taking in your last breaths, knowing you whored yourself out your whole life, and had to, in your final years, be faced with emptying your own personal sh–– bag affirming to you the true value of what you achieved in your life. Not even Vince could come up with a better finish than this. Karma is just a beautiful thing to behold.”

The #UnleashYourWarrior campaign was launched shortly after Heenan’s death. Susan G. Komen declined to comment on Vice’s story but Dana Warrior issued the following statement to them:

“I will not be disloyal to my husband’s memory or speak ill of a man who is not here to defend himself. I can, however, tell you his heart was changed by conversations with his two daughters. The true testament of the man behind the character is his ability to evolve. My husband did just that.”

Hopefully, that is the case but there is nothing online that points to Warrior ever issuing an apology to Heenan or any of the people he spoke about in speeches and blog posts.

WWE issued the following statement to VICE Sports:

“WWE’s ‘Unleash Your Warrior’ breast cancer awareness campaign and annual ‘Warrior Award’ recognize individuals that exhibit the strength and courage of WWE’s legendary character The Ultimate Warrior. Any attempt to distract from the mission of these initiatives and take the spotlight away from the honorees is unfortunately misguided.”

Click here to read the VICE Sports story.

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