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Vickie Guerrero talks to Chris Jericho about Eddie Guerrero, her WWE run, “Excuse me”, Chris Benoit, current WWE Divas, and more

There’s a great interview up with Vickie Guerrero on the latest Talk Is Jericho podcast.

She talked about how she ended up becoming a full-time performer and how it was only supposed to be a temporary gig at first. She also revealed how the “excuse me” catchphrase started (hint: it was something that happened by accident). She also went into how bad she was on the microphone when she started and Dusty Rhodes pulling her aside backstage to jokingly tell her that her promo sucked. A lot of people in the company helped Vickie when she first started working for the company including The Undertaker, Teddy Long, and Chavo Guerrero.

I was surprised when she said that Eddie Guerrero had been talking to Vince McMahon for months before he left WCW. I had always thought it was something that happened very quickly. She talked about Eddie being sober for 4 years before his death and how he was dealing with pain without pain pills. Jericho talked about how Eddie took thing personally in the ring and would blame himself if a show was not sold out. Jericho talked about the day of Eddie’s funeral and Benoit giving Jericho the hardest hug ever that it hurt him. Jericho said that Benoit was never the same after Eddie’s death. Vickie said that she was close with Nancy Benoit and Nancy stayed with Vickie for 2 weeks after Eddie died and she talked to Nancy during the week of her death.

Jericho talked about concussions in wrestling. Vickie said that Eddie would have headaches so if Eddie was getting concussions then Benoit was getting them too so that may have been something that led to him taking the his life and the life of Nancy and Daniel.

She was very complimentary towards Vince McMahon and said that she told Vince a year in advance that she was planning on going back to school. Vince was very supportive of her and said that Vince was a fatherly figure off camera.

Vickie talked about her friendship with WWE Diva Tamina and how they still keep in touch today. Vickie and Lana also became good friends and still keep in touch. Vickie praised her for what she’s been able to do with her character and how confident she is in front of the cameras. She said that she loved working with Edge, Dolph Ziggler, and The Rock. She said that she was honored that Stephanie McMahon would allow her to push her into the mud and that she was allowed to go out with Eddie’s music.

Vickie also talks about what she’s doing nowadays, going back to school, how she met Eddie Guerrero, stories from the road, and more. It’s a great interview and it’s great to hear that Vickie is happy and having a great life after WWE. Click on the player below to listen to the podcast.


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