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VIDEO: AJ Lee hints at leaving WWE soon?

If you missed last night's Smackdown, AJ Lee was on commentary during the Alicia Fox vs. Nikki Bella match. On commentary she said, "I feel like you guys aren't super interacting with me or asking me questions or appreciating me while i'm here." She added, "you're gonna miss me while i'm gone."

A couple of readers emailed and asked if that was another hint that AJ Lee is leaving WWE after tomorrow's WWE TLC pay-per-view.

As noted earlier this week, the rumors have popped up again backstage at WWE and there are people that think she's done after the pay-per-view or on Monday's Raw. She's also not listed on advertising for the rest of the month of any shows after tomorrow. I will say that the plan for Nikki Bella was for her to resume feuding with Brie Bella again once her feud with AJ was over so I am pretty sure that the AJ vs. Nikki match tomorrow will be the end of their feud.

As far as the "hint" during Smackdown, well, you can judge for yourself whether AJ meant anything by it or maybe she was just having fun and playing into the rumors that have been going around for the last few months. The video is below.

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