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VIDEO: Bray Wyatt says that "what comes next will peel the skin from everyone's forehead"

Sam Roberts caught up with Bray Wyatt at the WWE Performance Center. Bray talked about WWE 2K15. Bray talked about the blood sweat and tears that went into his character in NXT. He talked about how they made a name for themselves as the Wyatt Family in NXT. He said that Canada and a few other countries were getting the NXT product at the time and the first time they went to Canada it was an unbelievable ovation and it was the first time he realized that the they were catching on.

He said that he was obsessed with becoming "something" and he's realized that dream now. Sam Roberts asked him if he worries when he's not on a pay-per-view. Bray said that what comes next will peel the skin from everyone's forehead. He said what you've seen so far is nothing compared to what's coming. Bray said that there's too much going on for him to play videogames.

You can check out the interview below.

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