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VIDEO: Jerry Lawler vs. Scott Steiner match from last week

Video of the Jerry Lawler vs. Scott Steiner match from Wildfire Wrestling’s Force of July show in Memphis TN. has been posted online. WWE’s crew was there to film for an upcoming DVD on Lawler. You can watch the match below.

Results by Brian Tramel

Memphis WildFire Wrestling “Force of July” Minglewood Hall 7.10.14


-Dazzler beat Big Bad Brown

-“American Gladiator” Maverick beat “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony

-Matt Boyce & Chris Michaels beat Precious & Redrick Redrum

-Dustin “Five Star” Starr beat Bill Dundee by DQ when Dundee kicked Starr in the groin.

-“All Star-All Pro” Josh Crow beat Action Jackson

-Jerry Lawler beat Scott Steiner by DQ when Starr interfered.

Ramblings: Dazzler did not get over as expected. It took him too long to get to the ring and then 80 % of the crowd were heel fans. Big Bad Brown was over with them and they even chanting “Big Bad Brown.”…TGB/Maverick match was exactly what it should have been to get Maverick over…Everyone worked hard in the tag match. Hot tag felt a little flat. I like the Redrum character…Dundee got DQ’ed by kicking Starr in the groin in front of the ref. Dundee kissed Maria (Dustin’s valet) and it got a big pop. Dustin & Maria come off as big stars…Crow/Jackson were put in the semi-main event, but actually it felt like the “girls” match spot on a WWE PPV. Let me just say – the crowd loved this match! Jackson got over big and the fans were into the match the whole way. Show stealer…Steiner got some great REAL heel heat before the main with him even throwing beer in a fan’s face. Crowd was hot for the match and wanted Lawler to beat him. Steiner looked to get in some stiff chops. After a ref bump (very good one from Will Gibson) Lawler threw a fireball at Steiner and he ran out. Starr then jumped Lawler, which was followed by Lawler’s girlfriend jumping Maria to have a catfight. Ref got up and DQ’ed Steiner because of Starr. Crowd popped big for finish….First rate show. They have two big screens that play videos and a light show. I am guessing from 400-500 people in the building. It was standing room only… I did not hear one bad thing about this show from the fans that attended and when we were walking out, people were talking the next show.


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