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VIDEO: Kid names CM Punk as “best in the world” during WWE Raw commerical break

As previously noted, WWE has been coming up with ways to entertain the fans in attendance since Vince McMahon has declared that there will be no in-ring action during the commercial breaks.

One of the things they do during the breaks is a trivia game with the fans getting involved. We noted earlier that a fan was asked by interviewer Sarah Schreiber who he thinks is the “best in the world.” The kid did not hesitate and he did not say Shane McMahon. He namedropped CM Punk and that led to a CM Punk chant as Schreiber quickly moved on to the next trivia question.

It’s clear that they were probably expecting him to say Shane McMahon’s name since they’ve been referring to him as the “best in the world” on WWE programming in recent months. Fans, however, still remember Punk as his name is still chanted at some events. There were CM Punk chants at Raw on Monday night and at Stomping Grounds in Tacoma, Washington on Sunday.

Click below to watch the video of the boy mentioning Punk:


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