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Video of Sami Zayn confronting fan over homophobic slur at WWE show

As noted earlier, Sami Zayn confronted a fan for allegedly yelling out a homophobic slur at the WWE live event in Daytona, Florida.

Video has surfaced online of the altercation. As you can see below, Zayn got in the man’s face. According to fan reports, the man was kicked out of the arena.

The fan allegedly called Zayn a “Canadian fa**ot.” Check out the clips below of Zayn confronting the fan and security getting involved.

Apparently, there were kids in the area which makes the incident uglier than it seemed at first. Apparently, Zayn got heated only after the fan continued after being told to “get it together” in regards to his homophobic comments. So, if the fan continued after being told to stop as is being reported, then Zayn had every right to be upset with the guy.

In other news, it has been a quiet weekend in wrestling aside from the wrestler releases. As we noted earlier, there were four releases today. Luke Harper, Sin Cara, and The Ascension were all granted their releases. They likely have a 90-day non-compete which means they won’t be able to show up on another wrestling show until early March. Click here for news on why WWE finally agreed to let these wrestlers leave.


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