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Video of Stone Cold Steve Austin looking in fantastic shape for WWE WrestleMania

Rich Eisen Show/NBC Universal

Rich Eisen Show/NBC Universal

For those of you wondering how Stone Cold Steve Austin will look when he has his confrontation with Kevin Owens at WrestleMania, all you need to do is check out the video of him that was posted a few days ago by the Rich Eisen Show.

As you can see below, he looks to be in fantastic shape. Austin talked about telling Owens several years ago to worry less about crazy moves and more about talking.

Austin added that he didn't want to retire in 2003 but he had to because of his neck issues. He added that he is doing this comeback for the fans and for himself and pro wrestling is in his blood.

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While this is not being advertised as a match, the expectation is that Austin will do more than just a kick and a stunner and beer bath celebration. Check out the clip embedded below.