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Vince McMahon addresses criticism of WWE’s travel schedule from John Oliver

Vince McMahon John Oliver

WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon has addressed some of the criticism that John Oliver had about WWE back in April in a segment done on Last Week Tonight.

This segment was a critique of WWE and how they treat their talent. Although WWE invited the HBO host to appear at WrestleMania 35 after he criticized WWE, Oliver declined.

McMahon took part in a rare interview with Variety where he talked about a wide range of topics about WWE. During this interview, McMahon talked about Oliver criticizing the company for the brutal travel schedule that they have for their talent.

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“Anybody who wants time off can get time off. That’s easy,” McMahon says. “In addition to that, it’s easy to weave a talent in and out of a storyline. If they get injured, you’re not expecting that. Or if they have a family matter. Our characters are real people with real problems. It’s a revolving situation where this talent will work these dates, that talent will work those dates.”