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Vince McMahon announces wild card rule for WWE Raw and SmackDown Live

The top stars from SmackDown Live appeared in the first segment of this week’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw.

Roman Reigns called out Vince McMahon for parading himself and his children on television. They were joined by Daniel Bryan and WWE Champion Kofi Kingston. Bryan explained that he took time off and sat in solitude after losing the WWE Championship.

Bryan demanded a rematch for the WWE Championship. This was the original plan for Money In The Bank but they had to shuffle things around because Bryan was out with an undisclosed injury.

McMahon announced a wild card rule that would allow three Superstars from Raw to occasionally appear on SmackDown Live and three SmackDown stars to occasionally appear on Raw.

Drew McIntyre interrupted things in the ring with a promo on Reigns. McMahon announced a WrestleMania rematch for tonight between McIntyre and Reigns and another rematch between Kingston and Bryan for the WWE Championship. They were all interrupted by AJ Styles.

After the commercial break, Styles called out McMahon for allowing SmackDown Live stars on Raw. Styles said he could bring some of his Raw friends to SmackDown Live and that is when Seth Rollins’ music played. Styles and Rollins were about to fight but McMahon decided to force them to team up against Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin.


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