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Vince McMahon being in a bad mood has become running joke among employees



The past few weeks have been a trying time for WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon, which has reportedly left him in a bad mood.

This has led to it becoming a running joke in the company, according to Per the report, McMahon has been coming off as a "grumpy SOB.”

It was also noted that those within the company have joked about staying away from the boss.

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The word from people close to the situation is that they will stay out of the building for as long as they can whether that be sitting in their cars or take the widest path possible to stay out of his way and vision.

Another joke is that it’s great to do well in the company and get a raise or a promotion but with the boss being in a bad mood, nobody wants it now as it would put them in the direct sight of Vince.

McMahon has faced various challenges as of late due to the coronavirus pandemic and moving shows as well as having a mass talent and staff releases. This is in addition to filing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy filing of his XFL football league.

Word came out this week that McMahon has another issue to deal with, which is former XFL CEO & Commissioner Oliver Luck suing him. For the latest on that, click here.