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Vince McMahon bloodied at the end of WWE Smackdown Live, Hell in a Cell match announced



The WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view will take place on 10/8 from the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, MI and they have announced the first HIAC match for the show. At the end of this week's episode of Smackdown Live, Vince McMahon came out to address the situation with Kevin Owens and his son Shane McMahon.

Here is a recap of what went down at the end of Smackdown Live (recap was written during the show):

McMahon mocked Owens for threatening to sue everyone over Shane's actions last week. McMahon said that if Owens files the lawsuit then Owens will hear these words: "Kevin're fired!" McMahon said that he's been in many court battles and he has not lost any of them. He said that when the lawsuit finally gets to court, there will be a "B" next to Owens' name... "Bankrupt." This promo sounded like a message to a certain someone (CM..cough...Punk).

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McMahon said that he suspended Shane because he didn't get the job done and he feels that Owens got what he deserved. He then said that he would reinstate Shane and there won't be a lawsuit but there will be a match. Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMahon will take place inside Hell in a Cell. Owens told McMahon that he needed his word that if he was provoked then he could beat a McMahon senseless. They shook hands as Vince said something to Owens off mic. Owens then nailed him with a nasty headbutt that cut McMahon's head open. McMahon then stood up and swung at Owens but it was blocked and Owens punched him back. Referees came out as McMahon fell in the center of the ring but Owens was not done and then kicked McMahon in the gut.

McMahon was able to get back up on his feet but then took a superkick to the head. Owens then tossed the referees out of the ring and Adam Pearce ran in to stop Owens from diving off the top rope but he wasn't listening. Owens nailed McMahon with a splash off the top rope as Corey Graves yelled for someone to run out to the ring.

A stretcher was brought out but he refused help as officials helped to walk him to the backstage area. Stephane McMahon also came out and she was not happy.

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