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Vince McMahon called a meeting before Smackdown and fired Big Cass



We are will waiting to get more details on Big Cass' release from WWE.

Dave Melter of the Wrestling Newsletter is reporting that this was not done at Cass' request. In fact, Meltzer reports that Vince McMahon called a meeting at Smackdown in Toledo, Ohio today and then fired Cass. Presumably, Cass was there when he got the news today.

It's unclear if there was another incident or if this was related to what happened last month when Cass broke script during a segment with a little person. Since that day, he has been in the doghouse with management and he has lost two consecutive matches to Daniel Bryan. The most recent loss was at Sunday's Money In The Bank pay-per-view in Chicago.

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Cass has been in WWE contract since 2011. He was first signed to Florida Championship Wrestling, WWE's developmental system at the time and was brought up from NXT in 2016. There was talk that he would be in line for a big push when he turned heel last year against former tag team partner Enzo Amore. The push was derailed when he suffered a torn ACL in August.

Cass' release is not an indication that more releases are coming. There were people in WWE that believed his time was limited in the company and he did rub some people the wrong way because of perceived attitude issues.

UPDATE: We have learned that there were several reasons for Big Cass' is firing. Click here for details.