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Vince McMahon could have bladed during Kevin Owens headbutt spot on SmackDown Live



Vince McMahon was opened up thanks to a stiff headbutt from Kevin Owens on SmackDown Live. Before the headbutt occurred, KO asked Vince if he had his permission to take any McMahon out that stood in his way. Vinny Mac agreed to this and apparently, Kevin thought the boss needed an attitude check because he headbutted him really hard and then continued in a relentless assault.

Dave Meltzer reports in The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that he's spoken to several people who have pulled off similar stunts in the past and Vince McMahon most likely bladed himself before hand.

He would have covered the fresh wound up with Nu-Skin so it would bust open. But you still need a considerable amount of contact in order to pull that kind of spot off. Therefore the headbutt from KO was legit and really hit its intended target.

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Vince McMahon likes to make things look good and he's often being quoted as telling talent not to go easy on him in the ring. But Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez noted on Wrestling Observer Radio how this spot might have been foolish when it comes to timing.

Kazuchika Okada and Katsuyori Shibata had a brutal encounter at New Japan's Sakura Genesis on April 9 which left Shibata with a subdural hematoma. He frankly could have died and so could Vince.

Meltzer noted McMahon has received plenty of damage to the head in his life thanks to various steel chair shots to the head. It's also not a wise decision considering all of the concussion and other such lawsuits pending against McMahon and Company (even though Vince proudly announced he never loses lawsuits).

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