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Vince McMahon decides who will run Monday Night Raw

Vince McMahon came out at WWE Payback to announce who would get control of Monday Night Raw. I’ll give you a rundown of what happend in the segment.

Vince was drowned out by CM Punk chants but he turned it around on them by calling them a crazy crowd and joking that they didn’t have enough left in them to continue the chants. McMahon said that this new era needs good ethics, business acumen and a vision for where they are going. McMahon asked if the crowd wants Shane or Stephanie running Raw. Shane got a nice pop and Stephanie’s name was booed. He introduced Stephanie to the ring.

Stephanie came out and thanked the fans for supporting her after she was speared by Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. The crowd drowned her out with boos as Vince told them to shut up. Vince was on his game tonight. Stephanie talked about  some of the accomplishments under The Authority, including the WWE Network. She said that Shane thinks he can run Monday Night Raw just because he’s a man. She said that Shane abandoned the fans for 7 years and she asked what would stop him from doing that again. She also said that Shane lost his match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania. Stephanie got a tremendous amount of heat for this segment.

Shane’s music interrupted and he came out to the ring. Shane talked about the positive media attention that the company was getting from sites like Bleacher Report, Daily DDT and Rolling Stone. Shane said that he left the company in 2009 because he didn’t have a voice and Triple H and Stephanie took over and nearly burned everything to the ground. He said that he came back because he wanted change for the fans and a future for his kids and Steph’s kids. Basically, Shane wanted changes but Vince wasn’t listening. Shane polled the crowd and asked who they wanted in charge. Shane got the most cheers. Chicago went nuts for Shane as Vince told them to shut up. Vince told everyone that Shane had a point but he wanted blood and he wanted Shane and Steph to slit their throats or they could work together. That’s when he announced that both Shane and Steph would have control of Raw. Vince left as Shane and Steph stood in the ring and reluctantly shook hands. Shane seemed happy with the decision but Stephanie was not happy.

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