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Vince McMahon declares that no one from Total Divas can win a WWE Divas title

Vince McMahon has a rule that no one from Total Divas can get the WWE Divas title. Apparently this is not a new rule and has been in effect for a while. It’s been said privately and Brie Bella actually let it slip during an interview and it was confirmed in this week’s Wrestling Observer newsletter. So that’s Vince McMahon’s rule which means that it can always change tomorrow since that’s how things go sometimes with Vince.

One person wondered if Vince would change his mind at the last minute and put the title on Nikki Bella since there’s a big focus on her feud with Brie Bella. Right now though it appears that they won’t be feuding for a belt and they will just feud over the rights to the Bellas name.

There’s also been some frustration with the booking on Raw because Vince will sometimes go through phases of wanting the storylines on Raw to be in sync with what’s going on with Total Divas. However, since Total Divas is taped so far in advance and there are issues with communication as to what will air when, they can’t always sync Raw with Total Divas. Other times Vince doesn’t feel it’s as important.

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