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Vince McMahon declined to sign “big fat Samoan” Samoa Joe several years ago, according to Bruce Prichard

On this week’s Something To Wrestle podcast with Bruce Prichard, the main subject of the show was Prichard’s run with TNA. Prichard was in charge of talent relations up until 2013.

One of the topics on the podcast that was brought up was Samoa Joe and why WWE didn’t sign him years ago. Prichard said that Joe was a monster but apparently his look was holding him back. Prichard said that Joe didn’t have a choice but to work for ROH and TNA because WWE did not offer him a deal. Prichard said, “I’ll tell you why he wasn’t considered. [It] was because they thought he was a fat Samoan. He looked out of shape – he wasn’t the body type that Vince liked and they felt that it wouldn’t work.”

Prichard said that he liked that Joe didn’t look and work like everybody else and he’s a badass but it wasn’t up to him and it was Vince’s call not to sign him. Prichard said that he hopes that Joe does well in WWE.

Prichard said that it might be a BS-sounding answer but it’s a real Vince McMahon answer and he compared it to Vince initially not wanting to sign Mick Foley. Prichard doesn’t mention this but it was Jim Ross that was able to push enough to get McMahon to sign Foley in 1996. It’s a good thing that Triple H is running NXT because if McMahon was in charge of that brand and if he was paying attention to developmental then I would doubt that guys like Joe would have gotten a shot with WWE.

Prichard goes into details on the backstage stories from TNA, his dealings with people like Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, James Storm, AJ Styles, Chyna, and many others. You can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes by clicking here or via the Stitcher app by clicking here. 

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