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Vince McMahon had plans to turn James Ellsworth into a woman... for real!



If every idea that went through WWE's creative meetings became a reality then fans would have a much different WWE, and that's an understatement. Case in point, apparently Vince McMahon had plans of turning James Ellsworth into a woman. Yes, you heard that right. The move might have been a wise move to gain support from the LGBTQA community, but then again it could have really backfired on just about every level possible as well.

On a recent episode of Wrestling Sheet Radio, James McKenna reported Vince McMahon pitched an idea for James Ellsworth to take on Charlotte for the Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 34.

“The goal was to get to Charlotte vs. Ellsworth at Mania for the Women’s Championship. How they were going to get there is a much wilder tale. We’re talking about as recent as August, these were pretty much plans they had in place. Long story short, it was to make Ellsworth trans.”

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McKenna was pretty surprised when Ellsworth was released and actually tweeted out a tease about this reveal a couple days ago. But apparently, this story would have seen James Ellsworth transitioning into a woman on his way to the Show Of Shows to face Charlotte Flair.

While I'm sad this angle never happened because it would have been a huge career moment for James Ellsworth, there's a part of me that's glad this program won't happen (for now).

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