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Vince McMahon had previously given up on Apollo Crews



Last night after he won the United States Championship, Apollo Crews cut a promo and said that when he first started in WWE he heard from people close to him who said he could not make it in WWE.

Much of what was said in the promo is close to the truth because the feeling was that he was destined to be a big star. However, Vince McMahon did not see him as more than a mid-carder. This was discussed today on Wrestling Observer Radio.

"Yea, everybody thought he was gonna be a big star until he started and then they thought he couldn't do it because Vince gave up on him," Meltzer said. "Remember, they rushed him onto the main roster right away."

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Bryan Alvarez remarked that this is the best that Apollo has looked on the main roster but Meltzer said that history shows that one good night does not mean that a long-term push is coming.

Meltzer said, "I have no faith...we'll see where it goes. They might have Andrade beat him next week."

Hopefully there are big things planned for the long-term for Crews but it's worth noting that there have been ideas pitched for him in the past and McMahon would decide to go in a different direction. In March, there were plans to turn him heel but then he was moved to Raw and there were plans to turn him heel on Raw but those plans have apparently been dropped.

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