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Vince McMahon had to be convinced to release ‘Goldust’ Dustin Rhodes from his WWE contract

Dustin Rhodes is set to wrestle his brother Cody Rhodes at next month’s AEW Double Or Nothing event in Las Vegas but the match would not have happened if Vince McMahon stuck to his guns.

As noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dustin asked for his release on January 19th and it was granted with a 90-day non-compete but Vince McMahon did not want to release him. It was Triple H who talked McMahon into allowing Dustin to leave.

Dustin hasn’t done anything significant with WWE in years and he recently came back from double knee surgery. There were no signs pointing towards WWE doing anything with him on TV especially now with the bloated roster so it would seem like a no-brainer to grant his release as requested.

It’s interesting that Dustin Rhodes was allowed to leave while others who have requested releases (The Revival, Sasha Banks, Luke Harper, Mike and Maria Kanellis and maybe others) were told they would have to work until the remainder of their contract.

Dustin is portraying his match at Double Or Nothing as if it could be his last or his “last ride.” I would assume that there would be a backstage role for him in All Elite Wrestling. He is also scheduled to appear at Starrcast II during AEW Double Or Nothing weekend.

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