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Vince McMahon has a new edict for television matches

Vince McMahon has issued a new rule for matches on television.

Jeff Hardy defeated Cedric Alexander in a singles match on Monday’s episode of Raw with the stipulation that if Hardy lost then he would retire. The match was made right before the match happened and after Hardy had dropped a loss to John Morrison.

Ringside News reports that the makeshift angles on Raw were done for a reason as the WWE Chairman has been “beating up the writers and producers” over suggestions for “cold matches.”

Thus, a new unwritten edict in the company states there will be no more “cold matches” produced as the company wants more stories instead of booking random matches for the sake of having a match.

Fans may recall that dating back to McMahon’s appearance on the Steve Austin podcast years ago, he stated that he likes to start off his programs with something to establish the main event as a way of a hook for the fans to keep tuned into the show.

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